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Orchards of BIORTU in Petreto-Bicchisano in Corsica of the South, are constituted with various essences:figs (*), apples (*), pears (*), apricots, peachs, oranges (*), plums ("Reine-Claude", "d'Ente"), quinces (*), chestnuts, walnuts, raspberries, strawberries (*), various grapes and tomatoes (*)Which contribute to the wealth and to the originality of all these jams.

Other fruits, wild or rarer are also used, as the myrte (*), the citron (*) or the kumquat (*) .

The jam of apricots, and the jam of fig/pear were rewarded by the "Guide Hachette" of the bio.

Other products as the pastas of fruit or syrups are also proposed by the studio.

EARL BIORTU is a part of the circuit of "The Road of the Authentic Senses of Taravu", what means that you are always its welcome to visit the studio and taste different productions; since 2004, it is also member of the network "Welcome in the farm" (breakfasts).

These products are naturally available on the spot, but also on-line , through the GIE of Taravu. If you are a retailer, they are also available in Rungis: "Sté Odéon, 48 Street of Lille, Bât D4, (Yves Cremmer phone : 01 41 80 28 52.)"
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