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Corsican jams: agricultural Company created in 1996, BIORTU is a company of type EARL. In the head the leader of exploitation: Virginie Vellutini (superior engineer in agriculture) and her partner Pierre Vellutini (agricultural engineer). The completeness of the orchards of the exploitation is on municipality of Petreto-Bicchisano (height 450 m) in Corsica of the South.

Jams bio: All the originality of this exploitation lies in the fact that it opted from its creation for a system respecting the conditions of contract of the biologic agriculture.

As such it benefits today from a license allowing its to propose the range of products under the naming Biologic Guaranteed Agriculture (Body of control ECOCERT).

All the jams bio of the EARL are made with the fruits of the exploitation and the cane sugar stemming from the biologic agriculture (control ECOCERT). They are besides guaranteed without conservative, or additive. Jams BIORTU benefit also from the naming "jam extra" because their content in fruits is equal or superior to 55 %.

They are cooked in a craft way always by respecting the variations of maturity and moisture content of fruits. Cookings are in most of fast cases to protect the aroma of fruits, their colour and especially their texture.
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